Upside Down

“Sometimes life can taste so sweet when you slow it down / You start to see the world a little differently, when you turn it upside down.”

– “Upside Down,” Paloma Faith (2010)

The point is, you can’t know.

You can’t know when your time is called; when the massive, unpredictable nature of the world says, “This is it.”

So it is for the mom who drowned, while her three year old child clung to her. So it is for the family who, spurred by the life experience of a family matriarch, drove into the flood waters. Dad escaped; his father and his four children died.

While you perfect your life; while you obsess over your pounds and your slights at work, remember this: Nature doesn’t care about your petty insecurities, nor does the universe.

Your petty insecurities are just that:


You have people who love you. People who need you.

People whose world revolves around you.

Get over it. Get over yourself.

Get back on track and obsess over the things that matter.

All of this is fleeting.

Nature is chaos. Politics is chaos. The world is unpredictable.

What is real is today. What is real is the people that love you.

Embrace them. Embrace yourself. Shun the sales pitch. Shun, most importantly, the idea that you’re not good enough.

Put the shamers; the marketers and media bombarding your brains with perfect body images, perfect relationships, perfect lifestyles in their place.

Reclaim it, own it.

Love yourself and move on.

Submerge yourself in the people around you and respond to that.

You’ll be better for it.

You’ll actually live, and die, having done something worth living for.


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