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Friday Update

I’ll be brief today, as there’s much to do.

But first, let’s get to what y’all want to know: Beckett had another great day.

Mentally, he’s back to his old self: ready to take on the world, ready to run and play, ready to give each and every one of us hell and question every single one of our decisions and actions. Heidi tells me he’s even had to be disciplined once or twice today.

Physically, he has made improvements, too. He has a bit more trunk mobility today. His arms aren’t quite as floppy. He got further down the hospital hall with his physical therapist’s assistance, and the assistance of a walker.

All signs would appear to indicate that we have moved passed the truly frightening part of this disease. While it’s not clear when he will be cleared to leave the hospital – that could be some time off – he has been stable in all the vital areas for close to 44 hours. That’s a truly awesome development. His progress from 4 p.m. Wednesday to 4 p.m. today is a testament to the power and vitality of children.

Next, for us, come the preparations. The doctors and therapists want us to begin planning for Beckett to eventually move into an in-patient rehabilitation clinic, so he can begin to learn how to use his hands and legs and feet again. If everything goes as planned, he will slowly begin to regain mobility in all of those parts of his body over the coming days and weeks, but his ability to use those things properly may be limited. The docs say intense, rigorous PT will lessen the learning curve substantially.

On Monday, the hospital has prepped for him to begin school – in his room. They have a hospital teacher assigned to him so he doesn’t fall back in his learning.

As far as Beckett is concerned, he’s all better. He has frequently asked to stand – even though he can’t. At one point today, he tried to bend over from the seated position to pick up a ball, and almost did a face plant, until the therapist caught him. He’s ready to go, go, go.

All full of spunk and fight … Go Beckett!

Love,Ed, Heidi, Beckett and Brody

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