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T Minus 2 Days

Ed, Beck and Brody - October 2010

Nothing too dramatically new to report here. Beckett continues to make great progress.

He had no therapy today – there is none on Sunday. But he did have several visitors, including his friend Jack and his family.

We’re very ready for Beckett to come home. Today is his 15th day in the hospital. 15 days of limited outdoor time, crazy schedules, missed school and Brody being shuttled from one place to the next.

We’re actually going to see if we can get him out tomorrow. Beckett is ready; and save a few small things, it’d be tough for most people who saw Beckett today to know that just a week ago, he could barely support his own weight on his legs.

His only major issues are stamina and strength. You can notice it when he tries to jump or walk long distances. But something tells me before I know it, Beckett will be by my side again on my running excursions.

This hospital is full of inspiring children and adults. There is a girl in her early teens here recovering from a heart transplant; she is strong and kind. It’s amazing to see how resilient children are; how much more like “adults” they seem to handle their hospital care than actual adults.

It’s amazing to me that Beckett has never really complained the whole time he’s been here. How does he not have cabin fever? How is he not going stir crazy? I go insane after 24 hours in this place; he just crossed the 370-hour mark.

Heidi and I used the time we had at home this weekend to do housework . Our front year looked so bad it looked like nobody was living in our house. We have a jacaranda tree. Instead of losing their leaves – more like sticks with odd fern-ish growth on them – they lose them in the spring. They make a mess of the yard and the front patio and the driveway.

We mopped floors, cleaned out a couple rooms, tried to get things back to normal. Normal … routine. Some people complain about routine. I miss routine.

I can’t wait to have my babies all back under one roof; to cuddle up on the couch and read books or watch TV; to take a trip in the car – like to a movie, or something – together, as one unit, once again …

Good night,
Ed, Heidi, Beckett and Brody

1 comment on “T Minus 2 Days

  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel relief for you. Woohoo, go Beckett!!

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