Life Among Us

This post isn’t from me. Beckett wrote his first poem for a contest this week. I asked him if I could share it. He said yes.

His words and formatting follow below.

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Life Among Us

Did protons and electrons create the earth?

Or did Allah meditate and create its birth?

Is everyday in this place a curse?

Or should I pray on my knees and embrace it’s dirt?

I don’t know if there’s a reason I’m here,

I feel the only thing that’s driving me is reason and fear.

And seeing death to me conceivably near”

– “Death Messiah,” Jedi Mind Tricks (2008)


Sometime we all lose faith

Lost in a giant emotional wave

We become disillusioned

We become embittered

We become doubtful


“One little flicker of light

can erase the dark”  

We’re all afraid of something

The things that hold us back

The things we fear


You have to hurt in order to know

Fall in order to grow

Lose in order to gain

Because most of life’s lessons are learned in pain


The deeper meaning of life

Is what people are curious about

We all want something beyond what we know

We want a connection with a spirit

Or the heart of the universe

When asking these questions

We find ourselves in a parallel universe

A universe that is beyond existence


Imagination is capable of ideas

that the conscious mind lacks

We need to learn how to dance

with the preciousness of life


When we focus on the blessings

We get a glimpse of the wonder everything is

When we forget all the negativity

When we don’t lose faith

We find ourselves in a state of joy


How many times have we been caught planning something?

The temptation to find forced happiness

As we confine our search

We miss an opportunity

We end up limiting our experiences


When we just let loose

Our options are ongoing

And each moment becomes a gateway

Into the unexpected corners of the future


I guess when we expand our knowledge

We really learn

That we shouldn’t live life

Life should live through us

– Beckett Baker


3 comments on “Life Among Us

  1. Everybody who just read that, I look super ugly in that photo and my smile is off😬… please ignore that.

  2. Amazing job! You write with a wisdom beyond your years. Keep it up!

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