Little Observations

Pride and Prejudice

Heidi and Beckett – 3rd Annual Charity Bocce Tournament – January 29, 2011

It’s all become too much, really.

This exhaustion; this cycle. Could you tolerate this disruption from the norm?

I’ve done 12 days in your prison, Guillain Barre. It baffles me that you keep families much longer in your shackles.

My brain doesn’t work. It has no thought. It’s numb. Yucky. Vacant. Blank.

Exhaustion is what I feel. Not much else.

Today, at work, they asked me for a cover idea. My brain was a blank sheet of paper.

Never felt that before.

I see my boy. He gets better. Fingers moving; legs trying; brain determined to get out.

But I have neither the mindset, nor the strength to see the bright side, tonight. All I see is the collective deflation this is bringing upon us.

I’ll take a deep sigh and tell you this:

The boy is getting better. His current teacher, and former teacher, recently visited. It made him, and Heidi and I, super stoked.

He’ll be out sooner than later.

But I?

I have nothing left.

I am zombie.  I am spent.

I am beginning to realize that this … this is taking its toll.

1 comment on “Pride and Prejudice

  1. You run on adrenalin and worry and then at some point the body says “enough”! You’re there now and all I can do is send you prayers and strength and pray you’ll both figure out how to get some rest.

    As for the cover idea maybe its time for a contest for a great cover idea…winner gets theirs on the cover…something will break for you. You and Heidi are amazing because you have two amazing kids….

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