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Rise and Shine

Beckett - discovering his 6th birthday gift from mom and dad was the entire Star Wars movie set on DVD

Sometimes a good night’s sleep in your bed; a cup of coffee and breakfast (with some fresh squeezed OJ from the tree in the front yard) can work wonders.

The sun is shining.

It’s a new day.

Time to lace up the shoes, people. There’s work to be done on many fronts.

Beckett is taking a field trip today with his hospital therapy group. They’re going to the Arizona Science Center, which is really cool. He was very excited this morning when I talked to him.

Brody, this morning, decided she didn’t like preschool. I heard this conversation, coming from the master bath, while I still lie in bed.

Brody: “Mommy, my head hurts.”

Heidi: “You have a headache?”

Brody: “Yes, I can’t go to school.”

Heidi: “But you don’t have a fever.”

(Brody pauses, starts making hacking, phlegm clearing noises. Then she really picks up speed).

Brody: “I can’t go to school. I lost my talk.”

Heidi: “You lost your voice?”

Brody: “Yes.”

Heidi: “You still have to go school honey.”

Brody: “Nooooo. I don’t wanna!”

She went to school.

I’m over my pity party. I’ve got lots of work to get done today.

Here’s to productivity; and progress.

Happy Thursday, all – Ed, Heidi, Beckett and Brody

1 comment on “Rise and Shine

  1. Ed–I thought your post from yesterday was beautiful and real. Getting all your thoughts and feeling out in the open makes way for the good ones to travel the journey back to some level of homeostasis.

    When your kids read this journal in 20 years, they’ll know just how grounded your were during this difficult time–and how very much you love them. I think it’s so important for your kids to know how you’re feeling–it let’s them know it’s ok to have feelings and it let’s them know how much they mean to you. And that the four of you are a family.

    While I’ve only reconnected with you and Heidi through Facebook since you both graduated, I have to say that I see two amazing parents. That said, hang in there and soak up all the love and support you’re getting and all the best to you.

    Jackie Eldridge

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