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2 + 2 = 4

I think we're all a little stunned. (Brody, The O.C., December 2008)

The doctors dropped some science, or news rather, on us a few minutes ago: Beckett will need to stay another 2 weeks.

It’s hard to swallow emotionally; but logically it makes sense. A month seems like a long time, but in the grand scheme of life, the 2 additional weeks of intense PT and OT in the hospital will lead more quickly to his recovery.

And right now, this whole thing has to be about Beckett and getting him back to the place where he can function normally in daily life ā€“ getting dressed, brushing his teeth, eating, playing and running like a healthy 6-year-old boy.

Time to lock in; and bear down. At least we have a time frame to wrap our minds around. At least we know what we’re in for.

A month in the hospital. That’s like 1/72nd of Beckett’s entire life. Ucky, yucky, glucky, blucky.

I hear Beck had a blast at the Arizona Science Center today; I’ll fill y’all in when I get the details from Heidi.

ā€“ Ed, Heidi, Beckett and Brody

4 comments on “2 + 2 = 4

  1. So this is neither here nor there, but something tells me Zelda Schwarz would not be happy with your Higher Enrichment Program math skills right here.. (But let’s face it, more than likely you are right am I am not..)

    Anyhow, if Beck stays in the hospital for 1 month, that’s not a 1/72 of his life. The average age of a man in the USA is 72, so Beck would have to be in the hospital for a full year for that to be the case? Yes?

    Sorry Ed. Now I have to test your skills to see how sharp they still are:

    Two astrovans leave Lincoln Park True Value at 10:00 traveling north, The speed of Lorraine’s van is 50mph and the speed of Greg Morano’s is 60mph. When will they be 25 miles apart and meeting at the Bradlees Superstore?

  2. Well Liam, I meant 1/72nd of his current life. He’s been alive for 73 months as of January 28 … Now for your question: Assuming no traffic lights or stoppages of any kind, they would be 25 miles apart at precisely 12:30. As for when they would meet at the Bradlees Superstore, that’s a trick question. Bradless could never, even in its hey day, have been considered a “Superstore.”

  3. im so exited t hear becks geting better

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